How much to cloud store the elephant?

Less than a year supply of peanuts!

Peanuts you eat in one year
6 lbs

Walmart Price $45.93

A Lot

Tardis Price $27

How cool is that? Unlimited TARDIS personal cloud storage space. Access to the multiple other cloud storage services that you have for different reasons. TARDIS allows you, its Owner, to quantum unify both Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storage services. You get to access all your files from the TARDIS control room.

tardis cloud elephant

We know not everyone has an elephant and that not everyone can be a member of the TARDIS community. But if you don't mind a bit of an adventure. And have a lot of webstuff like pictures, videos, documents and music that you like to watch, listen, write or read and share as big files with others. Then TARDIS is right for you.

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Unlimited Cloud Storage and New Technology for the select few

How do you share an elephant?


Share the Elephant on Social Networks

Post and share images, video, blogs and more on Facebook and other social networks. Never again worry about the size of the message or file you want to share! Sharing using the TARDIS is a new way for friends and others to discover information.

Share him by E-mail

Send images, video, audio, documents or any file by email. And file size does matter! With Tardis Quantum you get infinate space to send huge files or whole directories. Share with 1 or 100 friends - add contacts and build contact lists together with playlists of your music and videos.

Preview the Elephant

Watch and Listen ! The TARDIS turns you Android phone or tablet into a personal Theatre for Movies, Concerts and Videos. It's bigger on the inside. So big that you can have a Theatre.

Share with everyone-Sync and Share files from your computer, phone or tablet.